Commons Questions

Commons Questions

Why Home Infusion Therapy?

Home infusion therapy allows patients to remain at home while continuing their treatment. Patients receive the infusions in their home with the support of a home infusion nurse. Many long-term therapies are well fitted for home infusion, such as:

  • nutrition support,
  • pain medication,
  • immune system support, and
  • transplant therapies.

Home infusion therapy provides a safe, convenient alternative for many patients.

Contact us for more information on whether home infusion therapy is a good fit for you.

What Is Infusion Therapy?

In some medical situations, medications are best administered via a needle directly into the patient's vein, normally via an IV. Infusion therapy can be beneficial for patients dealing with a variety of illnesses, including:

  • infections that are not responding to oral antibiotics,
  • cancer (chemotherapy),
  • dehydration,
  • gastrointestinal diseases that inhibit the effectiveness of oral medicines,
  • hemophilia,
  • immune deficiencies,
  • pain management
  • sepsis, and
  • cellulitis.

While many antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral, chemotherapy, hydration, and pain management drugs have been commonly delivered via infusions for many years, a variety of newer drugs and biologics are now available. Such medicines as blood factors, corticosteroids, heart medication, growth hormones, and immunoglobulin are now available via IV.

Benefits of Home Infusions

Infusion therapy is the administration of medication, fluids or nutrition through a needle or catheter.  It can be prescribed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A patient is not responding well to oral medications.
  • A patient is not able to take medications orally.
  • The medication is designed for infusion.

Before the 1980s, infusion therapy was only administered in health care facilities such as hospitals and other care facilities. Patients faced long stays for the duration of their infusion treatment, which resulted in large expenses and major life disruptions for the patient, family and caregivers.

Today, in-home infusion therapy provides a lower-cost alternative that is more convenient and comfortable. WV Nursing Network Infusion Services takes care of all of the coordination between your insurance, the doctor's office, and the pharmacy. Our infusion nurses visit your home with all of the equipment and medicines needed for your treatment. Patients can schedule their infusion treatments at a time that is convenient for them and their caregivers.

Home infusions offer a safe, cost effective way for patients to get the care they need. Doctors often prefer home infusion to keep patients from being exposed to additional illnesses at a medical facility. Patients are also able to continue their normal routine while continuing their treatment. Home infusion therapy offers many benefits to the patient and their caregivers, including:

  • Less stress on the patient and their family,
  • The ability to arrange appointments that fit your schedule, not the doctor's or medical facility's,
  • Being able to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home,
  • No travel expenses, and
  • Delivery of medications to your home.

If you've been prescribed infusion therapy, ask your doctor or health care provider if home infusion therapy is right for you. Have your doctor contact us for more information.

Infusion nurses bring all the needed supplies and medicines to your home for your infusion therapy.
West Virginia Nursing Network Infusion Services is committed to serving our patient's needs. We work hard to always put our patients first in all we do. Our goal is to deliver the best quality clinical care that is personalized to the patient's preferences and medical needs.

West Virginia Nursing Network Infusion Services provides nursing support for patients receiving in-home infusion therapy. We work with:

  • Any drug approved by the FDA for home infusion,
  • Pediatric Services
  • Nutrition Support and Training.

Contact us for more information on your specific situation.


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